How do you self-test whether you have hearing loss in daily life?

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In daily life, most people ignore their hearing health and are often unaware of their hearing loss. Hearing loss is what we call hearing loss in our daily life. Once people suffer from hearing loss, it will not only affect people's normal life, but may also cause certain harm to people's bodies. Therefore, people You must pay attention to protecting your hearing in daily life, so that you can have a healthy body.

How to self-test whether you have hearing loss in daily life?
You can take a look and answer the following questions. If you answer "yes" to any of them, you should go to the hearing center in time to comprehensively check the extent and nature of the hearing loss.
First, you will be used to turning your head to the side of the speaker and leaning forward at the same time, in order to hear what others are saying clearly;

Second, will you often interrupt when communicating with others? ;

Third, due to hearing loss, when communicating with others, you often answer questions incorrectly;

Fourth, you cannot hear the chirping of birds;

Fifth, the TV volume is often turned up too loud, but it always makes others feel depressed;
Sixth, it is difficult to communicate in a crowded and noisy environment;
Seventh, the phone call is not smooth, and the family members are not willing to engage in daily routine;
Eighth, the voice will increase unconsciously when speaking.

According to the World Health Organization's deafness grading standards, normal people's hearing is between 0 and 25db; sounds that need to reach 26 to 40db are mildly deaf; 41 to 55db Moderate deafness; 56 to 70 db is moderate to severe deafness; 71 to 90 db is severe deafness; and above 91 db is profound deafness or total deafness. These can only be detected in hospitals. To check your own hearing, I can only provide the following points for your reference. Mild impairment: refers to hearing below 40 decibels, which means that normal people's voices can be heard within 3 meters. Moderate hearing impairment: The hearing test is between 40-60 decibels, and the other party can only hear clearly within 1 meter.