Suddenly tinnitus, deafness, and severe hearing loss occur. What is going on?

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Some middle-aged and elderly people always experience sudden tinnitus in their left ear and hearing loss in their daily life. Many people always think that this phenomenon has a lot to do with getting angry. In fact, tinnitus and hearing loss lead to this The causes of this phenomenon are varied, including sudden tinnitus, dizziness, and severe hearing loss.

Sudden tinnitus, deafness, and severe hearing loss. What is going on?

Look for reasons from six aspects
1. Tinnitus tends to be younger

Why do many young people get tinnitus? In fact, it is inseparable from the fact that today's young people like to listen to music with headphones. Listening to headphones for a long time will fatigue the auditory nerves and cause tinnitus over time.

2. Radiation of magnetic field

Nowadays, the radiation of magnetic field is also very serious, especially when making phone calls, because the radiation is very large after the phone is connected. , it will be bad for the ears. After too long, it is easy to produce edema and cause tinnitus.

3. Caused by some diseases

There are many diseases that can also cause tinnitus. Some serious diseases can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the ears. Can cause tinnitus.

There are six reasons for sudden deafness and tinnitus:

1. Ear diseases
Sudden tinnitus is inseparable from diseases inside the ears. Open relationship. For example, otitis, acute inflammation, tympanic membrane perforation, etc. can cause tinnitus.

2. Drugs that irritate the ears
There are many drugs that are harmful to the ears. These drugs will be absorbed by people inadvertently, such as streptoxin, kanamycin, etc. , these can not only cause tinnitus but also cause hearing loss.

3. Systemic diseases
  As mentioned above, some sudden diseases or major diseases can easily cause tinnitus. It can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the ears, insufficient blood supply to the brain, hypertension and anemia, etc.

4. Sudden tinnitus
Many people suffer from sudden deafness, accompanied by tinnitus, due to physical reasons or viral infection.

5. Tinnitus in the elderly
The elderly are the group most likely to have tinnitus, generally over the age of sixty. This is also a normal phenomenon. You can wear some hearing aids to reduce tinnitus. , to help you hear clearly.

6. Noise

Nowadays, there are more and more noise sources. Long-term noise is very harmful to the ears. Those who usually work in the noise must wear earphones. Protective earmuffs.

Some experts believe that tinnitus is related to "eating" and you should pay attention to your diet. The development of tinnitus can be affected by various life factors. It is of great significance for us to master a reasonable and scientific diet in daily life and pay attention to psychological and daily conditioning to prevent and treat tinnitus.

① Limit fat intake. Ingesting a large amount of fatty foods will increase blood lipids and blood viscosity, causing arteriosclerosis. The inner ear is most sensitive to blood supply disorders. When blood circulation disorders occur, it will lead to a lack of nutrients in the auditory nerve, resulting in tinnitus and deafness.

②Supplement foods rich in protein and vitamins. Studies have found that noise can increase the consumption of some amino acids and vitamins in the human body. If the human body lacks vitamin-based foods, the auditory cells in the inner ear that dominate hearing function will undergo degenerative changes; therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin D, iron, zinc and other elements in our daily diet. This type of food mainly includes lean meat, beans, fungus, mushrooms, various green leafy vegetables, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, oysters, etc.